EASE To Exhibit At 2022 Applied Ergonomics Conference

This year, the Ergonomic Assist Systems & Equipment (EASE) Council of MHI will be exhibiting at the Applied Ergonomics Conference and Expo held at the Rosen Centre Hotel in Orlando, Florida, March 21-24, 2022. The event has been presented by the Applied Ergonomics Society (AES) — a part of the Institute of Industrial & Systems Engineers (IISE) — for the past 25 years.

AES is dedicated solely to the support of the profession and of the individuals involved with improving workplace performance, quality, sustainability, and employee availability. As a key component of this mission, the annual conference gathers attendees from around the world to share best practices with other professionals in ergonomics, healthcare, safety, human resources, and risk management.

Exhibiting as a group at the conference is an easy call, says Kelly Wehner, President of BOSTONtec, a member of EASE. “EASE’s mission is to be the expert resource for ergonomics in all industrial manufacturing environments,” she explains. “What better place to spread the message of this exceptional group of ergonomic solution and product companies dedicated to supporting that mission than at the Applied Ergonomics Conference and Expo?”

The EASE exhibit will represent the types of ergonomic solutions that improve the health, safety, and wellbeing of workers performing a variety of tasks across multiple industries. As is often the case, organizations typically benefit from the implementation of multiple kinds of ergonomic equipment from different suppliers in their operations. That collaborative spirit is the foundation of the EASE display, adds Scott Lackey, VP of Sales and Marketing at Blickle USA Wheels and Casters, an EASE member.

“Conference attendees should drop by the EASE exhibit because it provides a great opportunity for collaboration to discuss challenges and identify solutions,” Lackey notes. “In one exhibit, attendees will benefit from many years of experience in the field across a group of people who are passionate about helping others by protecting them from injury.”

Education is the primary reason most ergonomics professionals attend the Applied Ergonomics Conference and Expo, adds EASE Chairperson Amy Blueter, VP of Operations at EASE member company Kinetic Technologies.

“The show is a great source of information, as well as an opportunity for networking with folks who share the same common goal: Improved ergonomics leads to happier, healthier, and more productive workers,” Blueter explains. “I’ve personally been involved in AES for several years as co-chair of their webinar committee, which produces educational programming in support of this goal year-round.”

While larger tradeshows are valuable, the focus on ergonomics at this event makes it unique in the field, continues Lackey: “This is where subject matter experts at all levels of public and privately held companies can collaborate and form new relationships with each other, as well as with solutions providers.”

Wehner agrees, noting that the conference brings together a whole community of organizations committed to the practical application of ergonomics. “The exhibitors and participants have in common a passion to move past theory and/or concept and actually make work environments safer for employees. The power of the aggregate of that community is exceptional and a great example of ‘together is better,’” she says.

Several EASE member companies will be participating individually at the Applied Ergonomics Conference and Expo as exhibitors, attendees, presenters, and/or as hosts in the EASE exhibit. Current EASE members slated to host their own exhibits include:

  • Blickle USA Wheels and Casters
  • BOSTONtec
  • Hamilton Caster & Manufacturing
  • Schmalz Inc.

Can’t make it to the Applied Ergonomics Conference and Expo to collaborate on improving the safety and efficiency of your workforce? The members of the Ergonomic Assist Systems & Equipment (EASE) Council of MHI are always available to consult, answer questions and make recommendations. Learn more about EASE.