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Looking For Protective Guarding? New Search Tool Makes It Easier To Find

To help warehousing, manufacturing, distribution, and other industrial facilities owners and managers more easily find the protective guarding solutions they need to keep their workers safe — as well as to protect the integrity of handled products and building structures — a new search tool is now available. Developed by the members of the Protective Guarding Manufacturers Association (ProGMA), the Protective Guarding Search Tool is a free, one-stop resource for facility managers, safety managers, and end users. It provides comprehensive information on a broad range of guarding products, listing multiple technology solutions with detailed explanations and images showing their use. Searchable, the tool allows users to filter their queries by category or company. Further, the tool shares links to suppliers of these guarding solutions, making it easy to request a quote.

Products included in the searchable tool are:

  • Bollards, which protect machinery, facility structures, or utilities.
  • Column Protectors, which protect columns or posts from impacts by vehicles or forklifts.
  • Conveyor Guarding, which prevents materials from falling off of conveyor systems, as well as prevents damage to the conveyor itself.
  • Dock Door Protection, including bollards and height restrictors, which protect overhead door tracks from damage due to impacts by vehicles or forklifts.
  • Dock Lift Gates, which provide fall protection and prevention by minimizing the risk of a worker falling off a dock lift during loading and unloading.
  • Guardrail, including Double-Rail, In-Plant/Pedestrian, and Traffic styles, which prevents workers from getting too close to machinery, protects people and structures from impacts by moving vehicles, and stops facility damage.
  • Hygienic Separation Barriers, which protect employees by helping them maintain safe social and physical distancing measures.
  • Kerbing and Bumpers, which prevent fork penetration into pedestrian or equipment areas, as well as provide a surface to push product against.
  • Kickplates and Railing for work platforms, these minimize the risk of objects or people falling off the side of an elevated work platform or mezzanine.
  • Loading Dock Bumpers, which prevent a trailer from impacting a building or dock opening.
  • Loading Dock Gates, which protect against and prevent personnel from falling off an elevated dock door opening.
  • Machine Guarding, which prevents workers from making direct contact with moving parts or other dangerous areas of equipment or machinery.
  • Optical Electronic Devices, which are used to automatically shut down equipment when a light beam is broken, reducing the risk of injuries and accidents.
  • Overhead Mesh Guarding, to prohibit tools, boxes, or other items from falling off mezzanines, elevated work platforms, or racks onto the floor or work areas below.
  • Pallet Drop Gates, which secure elevated pallet drop areas to protect workers from falls.
  • Pallet Flow Gates that guard ledge openings where more than one pallet is loaded into a flow lane, preventing falls.
  • Pedestrian and Traffic Safety Gates that protect personnel from impacts by vehicles or equipment.
  • Pick Module/Mezzanine Safety Gates to prevent falls from mezzanines and create an access point to load and unload materials while maintaining a safety barrier when not in use.
  • Pipe Guards for shielding exposed pipes, ducts, conduits and other sensitive building infrastructure from damage caused by vehicle impacts.
  • Rack Leg Protectors that protect rack uprights to prevent damage from a forklift impact.
  • Rack Repair Kits, which provide structural reinforcement to repair rack columns that have been damaged by forklift impacts.
  • Safety and Building Access Control Cages to prevent unauthorized access to a facility from an outside entrance, or to create a secure space for product storage to protect against pilferage.
  • Safety Netting, which catches and contains items that fall off the backs or sides of racks into aisles, work areas, or flue spaces within industrial steel storage rack.
  • Steel Mesh Containment Panels and Wire Mesh for installation on pallet rack uprights to protect workers from injury caused by items stored at height falling off, as well as prevents damage to products and equipment.
  • Structural Angle Rack Guards that reduce the risk of a racking collapse.
  • Topple Protection barriers that minimize the risk of stacked pallets falling over.
  • Truck Wheel Guides, to prevent a truck or trailer from impacting a building or other surroundings.
  • Wall/Corner Guard Protection devices that shield facility walls and corners from impact damage.
  • Welding Curtains that protect personnel from welding debris as they pass by an active cell.
  • Wire Mesh Partitions to separate spaces, control access, and/or secure and protect inventory.

Looking for more information about the broad range solutions available to protect your workers and enhance the safety of your operation? Visit the ProGMA website.