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Secure Building Entrances With Wire Mesh Cages That Prevent Unauthorized Access

To prevent unauthorized access to a facility via the loading dock or other exterior facility entrance, a compact interior enclosure that surrounds the access door can be constructed of steel wire mesh panels. This ensures that a visitor — such as a delivery driver — cannot enter the facility without being authorized or accompanied by an employee. It also prohibits the visitor from walking through the facility, protecting them from possible accidents or injuries due to their lack of familiarity with the operation and layout.

Further, restricting the access of persons who are not employees increases the overall security of the facility, safeguarding workers, stored inventory, and other assets that might be damaged or stolen. In operations handling particularly sensitive items or utilizing proprietary processes, solid sheet metal panels may be integrated into the enclosure to completely or partially obscure the activities occurring outside the cage.

The cages are typically constructed from standard-sized panels for modular installation configurations. They can be used to create a free-standing structure when installed with posts bolted into the floor; alternately, the panels can be attached to existing structures, such as building columns. Many such entrance cages feature a designated service window integrated into the structure. This allows the visitor to interact with personnel on the other side of the opening (such as passing paperwork back and forth), or prior to being allowed any further access into the building.

For access, the cages usually feature a second interior door that is secured from inside the structure. These entry points can be secured with a variety of methods, including key lock, mechanical push-button keypad, electronic keypad, swipe or touch pad for reading identification cards, facial recognition devices, or other video access method. These measures ensure that only trained, authorized personnel can access the secured area. For personnel exiting the building through the cage, the door usually has a push bar (also called a panic bar) exit device. This allows building egress without the need to unlock the cage door first.

Want more information about using wire mesh panels to enhance security in your operation? The members of the Protective Guarding Manufacturers Association (ProGMA) have produced a series of educational videos showing multiple areas within a facility where these and other guarding systems should be used.