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Three (Less Obvious) Ways Steel Mesh Containment Panels Save Money

Steel mesh containment panels are used in a variety of applications in manufacturing and warehousing to protect items and personnel options. Yet, aside from the cost savings it provides by safeguarding inventory and tooling from pilferage and associates from injuries, this protective guarding system also contributes to the bottom line by saving an operation money in three other less obvious ways. They include:

  1. Flexibility for reconfiguration. Modular, the panels are generally offered in standard heights of 4 or 5 feet, and widths in 1-foot increments up to 10 feet. When used to construct a barrier — or cage — the panels are mounted edge-to-edge to create heights of eight to 10 feet (or more), and side-to-side with standard (or custom) posts bolted into the floor. Unlike other options for creating these barriers, such as chain-link fencing which must be cut-to-size to fit a given space and set into the flooring with concrete, steel mesh containment panels and their posts and brackets be easily removed and reconfigured should a facility’s needs change. They can also be repurposed or support an expanded area as needed. This prolongs the life of the investment.
  2. Consistent strength and rigidity. The majority of steel mesh containment panel manufacturers use 10-gauge wire welded into a 2-inch square, 1.5-inch diamond, or 1 x 2-inch horizontal rectangle openings. These rigid welds do not flex, sag, deform or create pinch points — unlike chain link fencing, which typically has larger openings; this ensures the steel mesh panels will provide long-lasting, secure protection.
  3. Durable, modular construction. Should a steel mesh containment panel be damaged, it can be easily removed and quickly replaced in a short amount of time while the rest of the panels remain in place. If a chain link fence is damaged, the entire span of mesh chain link must removed and replaced, resulting in additional downtime during the repair.

Want more information about the proper use of steel mesh containment panels? The members of the Protective Guarding Manufacturers Association (ProGMA), recently published a new standard, “ANSI MH31.1-2019 – Steel Mesh Containment Panels Used In Vertical Storage System Applications: Performance and Testing Requirements,” available for purchase.